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Perfect is the Enemy of Good

While going into a sales coaching session with a client, I noticed a new company had moved intoPerfect Is The Enemy Of Good the unit next door.  I mentioned the new neighbor to my coaching client. My client shared that she was really excited; as this was a company that she has wanted to do business with for a long time, but had never mustered up the courage to call on them.

I asked if she had gone next door to introduce herself to the new neighbors.  She looked at me with surprise that I would suggest such a thing (I get that a lot) and she announced she was not ready for such a meeting.

Not ready?

As I sat there processing this information, she quickly added that she wanted the meeting to be perfect and so she need more time to prepare for it.

This is something I see quite often in clients: “the need to be perfect”.

“Until my webinar is perfect I don’t want to schedule it.”
“Until my script is just right I don’t want to try it out.”

On and on it goes.  I understand the hesitation to share something until you’ve got it exactly perfect.  I often look at other consultants’ work and think, “why would they sell something that is less then perfect?” I get to feeling all smug and superior about my own work until I realize: they have it out there and are selling it while I am tweaking and fiddling still with my product that no one has seen.  Now who is the smart one?

“Perfect” is the enemy of good and you are far better off being good then waiting to get to perfect.  So I made my client get up and go next door with me and introduce herself to the new neighbors. While we were introducing ourselves to the receptionist the president of the company came out and introduced himself and invited us into his office for coffee.  A quick and simple “hi I am your new neighbor” turned into a half hour unrushed meeting with the president.

I am a big believer in being prepared, but I also believe that when opportunity presents itself you need to seize it.  Don’t let the quest for perfection get in your way of being good.

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